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Threat Intelligence is the knowledge and experience gathered about past, current, and future cybersecurity threats and bad actors. Data is collected from many electronic and human sources in real-time and forensic timeframes. The industry has grown to accept that sharing threat information goes beyond proprietary and confidential information resulting in multiple Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC) organizations worldwide. Most are non-profit organizations that assist as a collection and sharing point. Several industries have their own specific ISAC organizations. Brightside participates and interfaces with several ISACs to stay current and educated about the threats our clients face.
Brightside also has research and forensics abilities to examine malware and work to determine its origin and perpetrators. The job of researchers is a never-ending challenge and investigative pursuit, unraveling the tiniest of details and reviewing a vast data lake of past threats for comparisons. Whether it’s brute force attacks, buffer overflows, or command injection, the researchers are constantly evaluating vulnerabilities. This research provides a wealth of data to assist in developing and customizing defense and response plans for our clients.

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