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Blue chip manager is unlocking a virtual locking mechanism to access shared cloud resource

Brightside’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is built to monitor and manage our clients’ assets securely. We constantly monitor our clients, the Internet, and security-related sites for current outbreaks and the latest remedies to existing issues. Brightside’s professionals are passionate about security and driven to discover, prevent, and overcome the problems presented by bad actors and their malware. Every day presents new challenges and satisfaction in assisting our clients.
Our managed services include recommending and deploying a variety of tools to monitor and record logs. We assist in creating a repository of all logs, which can be analyzed for overall status and dive into specific issues as they occur. 
Brightside also supports our customers with 24/7 response to inquiries about issues they are seeing and experiencing. While we set up some systems to alert us automatically for clients sending logs and event information, we also respond to general inquiries. Sometimes, when something “doesn’t feel right” is a good indicator of something happening in the systems. Whether responding to an automated alert from a security tool or a message from our clients, Brightside is available 24/7 to respond to the needs of our clients.

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