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Cyberwarfare, cyberterrorism, and cyber espionage are not hypothetical scenarios in our near future. These cyberattacks are here now, wreaking havoc on governments, military, and vital industries responsible for the critical infrastructure that keeps a country's population alive and their economies thriving. These devastating attacks no longer involve the lone hacker or even the attention-seeking black hat hacking groups we know from decades ago but are nation-state or international organizations with seemingly infinite amounts of money and resources.

Brightside Industries Cyber Security services employs the same attack vectors, tools, strategies, and procedures as foreign nation-state threat actors, but via state-of-the-art research and development using AI and Machine Learning to push the boundaries of cutting-edge offensive capabilities. Our cybersecurity group possesses the experience that can only be acquired from intelligence community-trained positions that affect national and international security outcomes. The hackers and analysts of Brightside Industries Cybersecurity Division deploy world-class cyber-espionage tools to complete their critical missions.


At Brightside, we believe Cybersecurity takes an unrelenting vigilant effort to be effective. Brightside has experienced professionals engaging in disciplined actions to ensure that every client achieves the best possible outcome. Brightside provides services from basic cyber hygiene to advanced threat protection and response for a complete defense stack. Attackers pursue systems relentlessly, forcing all organizations to achieve and maintain a level of healthy paranoia and readiness to stay prepared and resilient against every cybersecurity scenario.
Our Cybersecurity group of highly technical engineers, analysts, enterprise consultants, and policy professionals provides layered services from high-level readiness surveys to decoding malware to discover its origins and perpetrators. Our cyber command and control teams carry out multi-dynamic military-grade operations to deploy proactive countermeasures and tactical exploit initiatives when situational impacts are warranted. Brightside delivers cybersecurity protocols to guard against nation-state and enterprise threats, including the theft of intellectual capital.



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