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Below is a brief sampling of the industries that Brightside specializes in, working to support our customers. We offer our clients the kind of knowledge and experience that can be applied to virtually any industry. Our team at Brightside has worked with many different types of clients, in an array of industries and business disciplines. We work seamlessly to deliver a broad scope of expertise to just about anyone, sensitive to multiple cultures and diverse societies globally. Our national and global associations with other professionals mean that we can very quickly deliver quality customer services that we expect of ourselves and that our clients demand. After all, adopting and solving our clients' challenges, cost effectively, is among our most important responsibility.


Brightside professional staff experience spans government and commercial enterprises across six continents. With experience that spans both breadth and depth, we are prepared to address every aspect of Cybersecurity. Brightside also acknowledges Cybersecurity requires a team effort with the client and our industry partners. Our partnerships with many of the leading security vendors allow Brightside staff to remain current on industry-leading products and provide our customers with direct access and additional services. Brightside’s partnerships with vendors allow exclusive benefits that only Brightside customers receive.

Technology and defense.png
Technology & Defense

Led by our government affairs and regional security team, we have enjoyed extensive real-world deployments in security policy development in the United States, Europe, GCC, Central Asia and South East Asia. We initiate at the inception phase in designing, incubating and deploying new technologies that have become globally pervasive. Our technology practice is continually ahead of the curve in designing solutions & launching advanced wireless systems and networks in both the civilian and defense arenas.

Government and Political Affairs.png
Government & Political Affairs

For decades Brightside principals have assisted with heads of state and governmental regulators and the legislative and regulatory arms of governments around the world. Our leadership has been at the apex of the economic re-birth of nations as a Strategic and Special Economic Business Development and Political Advisers to seven international heads of state: The Prime Minister of Brunei, President of Namibia, two Prime Ministers of Thailand, H. M. Sultan of Bulungan X, President of Kazakhstan and the President of the Philippines.


Sustainable Development and urban renewal is meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our principals have been active in the design and deployment of important infrastructure projects in the United States, being the first to introduce the High-Speed Rail master plan for California currently under construction connecting San Francisco to Los Angeles and San Diego. Brightside has designed important infrastructure programs in energy storage, pipeline, powerplant, sea ports, airports, wireless telecom, commercial aviation privatization in nation-building programs around the world.

Energy Husbandry.png
Energy Resource Management

Sustainable development is defined as balancing the fulfillment of human needs with the protection of the natural environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but in the indefinite future. We can advise in developing specialized integrated energy systems and services. Our Energy team has transformed conventional resources management, shipping, sales and services from traditional roles to leading-edge measures that integrate the full energy value-chain into one streamlined offering, responding to the new market and geopolitical demands. Brightside has addressed a unified solution to enhance the existing buyer/seller relationships throughout the energy enterprise supply chain, having positive effects on the downstream value.

We are also very capable in the following industries:

  • Aviation

  • Hospitality

  • Health care

  • Automotive

  • Transportation

  • Manufacturing

  • Global marketing

  • International trade

  • Information technology

  • Sustainable development

  • Media and entertainment

  • Environmental development

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