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The term ransomware originally referred to malware that encrypts files and entire systems, but it has since evolved to refer to a category of financially motivated attacks that leverage victim extortion.

Ransomware spread like wildfire across the globe in 2021, causing chaos on individuals and businesses. Ransomware attacks increased by a remarkable 105% worldwide, while attacks against governments increased by 1,885% and attacks against the healthcare industry increased by 755%. The threat of ransomware is not only continuing to increase in 2022, but its evolution is predicted to become much worse beyond that.

Ransomware was created by hackers as a way to make money, but it has quickly grown into a well-organized, highly sophisticated enterprise-level operation run by groups with unlimited resources and a lot of skill.

Ransomware groups are increasingly employing what is called the double extortion strategy, in which they not only take a company's data but also threaten to disclose it in order to increase the pressure to pay the ransom. The majority of ransomware groups are known to carry out their threats.

Brightside Industries employs AI and machine learning to detect, analyze, and mitigate breaches by identifying ransomware indicators and anomalous behavior. By using AI and machine learning technologies, Brightside Industries can elevate ransomware security solutions to new heights, allowing for a more efficient approach to zero-day threats. 

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