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Malware and cyber crime by an anonymous hacker concept.Businessman holding antivirus icon

Managing Cybersecurity is also about managing risk and recovery from events. This includes human error, direct attacks, and even acts unrelated to general operations. The world is interconnected with tremendous value being achieved from those connections, though when those connections are impacted, they also affect our clients. Supply chain attacks from commercial software used to suppliers’ access to your systems are common entry points for malware.
Brightside assists clients in seeing all aspects of risks to their information systems, anticipating issues, and preparing for resiliency and fast recovery when needed. An incident response plan is crucial for any cybersecurity framework to ensure minimal impact and quick recovery. When recovery is required, our professionals have experience in multiple recovery areas, including data destruction, ransomware, and issues resulting from natural disasters. We work with local, state, and federal resources in addition to legal and other resources to put our clients in the best recovery position.

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