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Brightside professional staff experience spans government and commercial enterprises across six continents. With experience that spans both breadth and depth, we are prepared to address every aspect of Cybersecurity. Brightside also acknowledges Cybersecurity requires a team effort with the client and our industry partners. Our partnerships with many of the leading security vendors allow Brightside staff to remain current on industry-leading products and provide our customers with direct access and additional services. Brightside’s partnerships with vendors allow exclusive benefits that only Brightside customers receive.
Clients of Brightside gain a team of trusted advisors with professionals familiar with most Cybersecurity Frameworks to assist in the review and implementation of a framework to meet basic cybersecurity hygiene and regulatory requirements. We provide assessments of client implementations with feedback and recommendations to executive staff on the readiness of their organizations to prevent and withstand a cyber incidence. Brightside services also include guidance on policy documents for governance and compliance.

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