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Innovation = Relevance

To achieve real success in diverse markets, our process outlines the following key phases, necessary to harvest the highest level of competitive products, and services, irresistible as the prime solution in a cost effective and time sensitive manner.

Brightside features a unique multi-phase project development process, which guides technology and business in parallel paths of execution through key milestones, such as product definitions, securing intellectual property, market identification, prototype development, business plan build out, definition and business execution. Our process is tailored to maximize the early-stage business and or nation-building opportunities while minimizing risk associated with long-term program developments.

Throughout the program development and correlating business model, our team of technical and market experts will work to refine and tune its features in order to optimize its fit with the market need. This refining and tuning are based on research into the industry to which it applies, be it business to consumer, business-to-business, or the business to government market. This process is designed to simultaneously and rapidly develop the technical and business aspects of our client’s project in preparation for a rapid market launch.

Phase one would be, product assessment and market evaluation. Phase two is, product matching to each specific market, Phase three is likely the product/program and policy Beta Pilot Testing and finally Phase four is market launch to Product Licensing. Brightside employs a unique multiphase critical path development process with key filters at varying levels of the client program deliverables build-out.   

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