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Brightside is proud to have assembled an experienced and highly capable group of partners. Brightside has expertise in many vendors products and provides services around these products. Brightside maintains a variety of relationships with cybersecurity industry vendors who we partner with to provide hardware, software, and services. To provide better service to our customers, we have established formal relationships with multiple industry vendors to share information and technology. With these relationships we can respond faster and with more resources than a single company could offer. The vendors on this list are a some of our partners.

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Venable brings benefit from the combined experience of their former executive and legislative branch personnel who provide deep insight into how the government envisions, enacts, & manages cybersecurity policy. 

The Coalition for Cybersecurity Policy & Law is a group of security companies that addresses complex policy issues and provides a single voice in influencing government policy and regulation.

Microsoft is the world leader in operating systems & productivity software. Over 99% of the IT installations contain some form of Microsoft product. Brightside partners with Microsoft to understand their products, how they are implemented, & how they may be exploited by bad actors. Brightside  examines updates & works with customers to ensure updates are applied & working to prevent known issues as they are discovered.

Cisco is a world leader in networking and computing including a security platform covering four categories of cybersecurity. Brightside engineers have training and experience implementing & auditing the configuration of Cisco products. Brightside partners with Cisco to provide services & solutions to enterprise & government customers.

Halcyon.AI is the only platform designed specifically to stop ransomware. With the pervasive nature of ransomware events, Brightside partnered with Halcyon to protect our customers. The AI tool delivered by Halcyon is used in enterprise & government networks providing another layer of security & protection.

Brightside works with Carbon Black, a VMware company, with endpoint detection & response products & with managed services. Carbon Black is one of the companies & products recommended by Brightside for EDR protection.

NuWave is a global communications service provider. They have built a best-in-class technology platform that spans the globe, with streamlined business processes and solid ethical standards that ensure every customer receives exactly the services that NuWave promised and the customer deserves. 20+ years of experience and reliability has allowed NUWAVE the foresight to see what is coming next in the market. 

Valcros provides CIO and CISO management services to a variety of industries including government, hospitality, and gaming. Valcros and Brightside supplement each other’s services providing a complete solution to customers from both companies.

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